Raw Organic Seamoss

Raw Organic Seamoss

Oasis Healing Academy
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Support your body with our RAW ORGANIC WILDCRAFTED SEAMOSS, which forms an energetically chained superfood. Our Seamoss offers incredible support to the cells and organs within the human body. This plant-based substance both contain vital hormone precursors, which help to aid the function of the thyroid. While improving the body’s metabolism rate, the active ingredients of Seamoss also assist with the body’s brain and nerve health. Experience both the physical and mental results of this Seamoss with daily use to create seamless balance for the body. In this divine plant connection, you’ll receive a cellular cleansing, inflammation busting union that allows you to feel electrified and aligned. 


How to use: 

Rinse until all salt has been removed. Soak in alkaline water for 20 mins - 4 hours depending on amount being used. Use a high speed blender to make Seamoss water (seamoss and alkaline water). Strain and store in refrigerator. 

Seamoss can be used daily and added to hot/cold tea, soups, fresh press juices, smoothies, oatmeal, the possibilities are endless!  


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